Cynical Impeachment: Supporters fume as Nancy Pelosi hits Trump a second time


Momentarily, the nation shelved the ravaging Covid-19 pandemic to face what octogenarian Nancy Pelosi called “threat against democracy, the constitution and national security”. The second wave of lockdown was imminent, but Donald Trump was considered a bigger “menace” and should be eliminated quickly; Nancy Pelosi who has been in the House for nearly four decades and become adept at taking the lead against Trump, saw the last Capitol Hill “insurrection” by white supremacists and radicals as another opportunity to take a pound of flesh.

She had previously torn a speech read by Trump at the House in the full glare of the media during a joint House sitting. Now, a few days after, she ensured that by 232-197, Donald Trump suffers another terrible fate: he was impeached for a record second time—by the democrats filled house. Such a thing happening in any African country would hardly raise an eyebrow; but in “God’s own country” that prides itself as the bastion of democracy, is rather unfortunate.

Watching the congressional democrats debate the offence, it was clear that Trump stood no chance.  The coverage by the Cable Network News was also appalling seeing such incredible bias at that level. “I had to switch off the channel and join Sky news and BBC to watch a balanced reportage”, said a fellow who spoke on condition of anonymity. He went on to describe the development as a “rape of democracy” by the democrats urging the wider Americans to open their eyes. “Very well, Donald got 74 million people who voted for him; but at this time, the Democrats ought to have exercised more restraint”, the fellow added claiming that this second wave of impeachment is too high handed and unnecessary. He noted that America has dissipated so much energy in going after their president leaving the world stage for radicalism to blossom. More worrisome is the massive deployment of elements of the National Guard to safeguard the Capitol Hill. America’s enemies would find this funny.

And to think that the democrats are not finished yet; they plan debates to ban Trump from holding political office forever! If such vindictiveness can play out in America, it is no surprise then, why most Arab countries brand them as “Satan”! Another fellow who spoke to our reporters shortly after the impeachment asked: “has it occurred to Nancy Pelosi how generations of Trumps supporters would view her punitive action?” Perhaps not. America is renowned as the bastion for Free speech, yet, this time, they ought to have been more careful.

After all, they have tolerated the man for almost four years; why not the remaining week? Speaking after the impeachment, Donald called on Americans not “to protest and calm tempers”. Though, Donald Trump is ironically, responsible for his downfall is not subdued; his Twitter handle has been quiet as well. No doubt he shares a large part of the blame for allowing opponents to deride him variously as a “con man”, “liar” and serial “offender”.

In the final analysis, however, should Nancy rejoice for destroying the legacy of Donald Trump?  Political observers reason that she ought to have used common sense to prevent a spiral; there is really nothing to gain by impeaching Trump a second time—other than hatred and revulsion. This sadly a turning point for America.