CNN, Washington Post, New York Times, The Nemesis of Trump


Donald Trump would never forget in a hurry the concentrated attacks against his presidency by the trio of the Cable Network News, the Washington Post, and the New York Times. Donald Trump is the President of America and he came in with a lot of suspected baggage. Once that was known, the threesome –ranking as the most powerful media organizations in the world—went to work exposing the American president wherever possible. Their major strength is the powerful American Constitution that is rock solid, immovable, and giving no room for maneuver. Trump has branded a stooge of the Russians and in many ways, he acted like one. Initially, he had the sympathy of a great number of supporters across the globe –even in Africa. But through a combination of gaffes, his support base eroded sharply; now he is on his way out of the White House—losing to democrat Joe Biden. Donald Trump whose actions while in office betrayed the most ardent of his supporters never paused for a while to ponder about his behaviors. He would take on colleagues, associates, and enemies without blinking using his Twitter handle to great advantage—if like. In foreign circles, economic parlance, he wasn’t the best America could present; he floundered so much that he became predictable—particularly his deceptive methods. CNN, New York Times, and Washington Post ensured that he was placed in his proper place. Through editorials, op-ed pages, breaking news, they taught President Trump that Information is power—and the Constitution of America is real! The Washington Post came out openly in her recent editorial to call the President a “total disgrace”! Quite frightening! That wouldn’t have been tolerated in most African settings where the rebuttal would have been met with an unsavory response.  But if there was ever a time that America had a media boom, the Trump era was one. Now as the post Trump era looms, what becomes of the once gadfly of American politics? Would he go to jail? Would CNN sheath their swords or they would pursue Trump down to the pit? These are surely not the best of times for President Donald Trump—the 45th President of the United States.