Cleric Spits Fire Predicts Doom For Oshiomole In Both Ondo And The Edo Apc Primary



If the predictions of a popular Abuja based cleric is anything to go by, then hard times await the national chairman of the All Progressive Congress comrade Adams Oshiomole. The cleric, Prophet Joseph Odunsi who accurately predicted the emergence of the covid-19 pandemic has again prophesised, this time on the forthcoming Edo and Ondo States primaries. “I see the APC national chairman begging for survival after defeat in both the Ondo and Edo primaries”, he declared in a statement issued to press.

“God has decided to teach him a lesson he can never forget in a hurry”, the cleric stated. “If there is anybody who knows Oshiomole, they should go and tell him to hands off both primaries”, he added. Prophet Odunsi lamented that despite God’s decision to give him a second chance as the APC national chairman, he has refused to repent and instead is determined to act as Pontius Pilate. “Oshiomole has no power except the one given to him by God”, the cleric explained; but now, like He did to Nebuchadnezzar in Babylon, God has decided to strip him of all He has given him-including his office”, the cleric stated.  

He said God has heard the cries of the poor and is set to intervene and humble Oshiomole in both Ondo and Edo elections. According to him, none of those he is backing would triumph; “they would be defeated mysteriously and disgraced because God has not sent them” saying God has rejected them because they are not coming to govern but to loot the treasury. Prophet Odunsi disclosed that since Obaseki has humbled himself, God’s favour is with him.

“There is no doubt about this”, read the statement.  “Obaseki has been anointed to lead once again and he has God’s backing”. Prophet Odunsi predicted that every gang-up against Obaseki would fail; he also warned the national leader of APC to steer clear from Ondo and Edo politics adding that God is watching him with keen interest. “Even Pharaoh, I subdued, how much more you going after my anointed”, was the way the statement put it. Prophet Odunsi said that covid-19 was meant to teach man a lesson especially those who subvert the will of the people at random.

“I am still God and sitting on the throne; my glory shall no man take”. However Prophet Odunsi sees Oshiomole becoming a hero should he reverse his selfish mission otherwise he is set to be a villain. “Everyone hailing him now will abandon him to his fate”, said prophet Odunsi astressing that God cannot change or be bribed. Prophet Odunsi then referred Oshiomole to Psalm 62 v. 11 “God has spoken once, twice have I heard that power belonged to God “adding that for Oshiomole “My patience has run out and I will preserve my name”.