Civil Servants Grief as Hannatu Fika Exits Loans Board


Alhaja (Dr) Mrs. Hannatu Fika’s tenure at the Federal Staff Loans Board has at last expired and she has left – a huge relief for civil servants! 

Reports say while she presided over the multi-billion naira establishment set up by the Federal Government to provide Housing succor for Civil Servants of the federation, a policy, well timed, and monitored by the Federal Government, Alhaja (Dr) Mrs. Hannatu Fika was alleged to have turned it into a personal enterprise.

Investigation show that the defacto and undisputed Chief Executive  whose word was “law” in her time, decided to run the Loans Board like an imperial majesty deciding who gets paid or not.  As a result, investigation revealed and exposed her as a patently incredible selective overlord with a fixed purpose on patronizing only a few of “lucky” Estate Developers and some lucky Civil Servants (popularly known as subscribers).

Records show that only a handful – not more two – Estate Developers regularly received “hundreds of millions” while the poor majority with genuine causes languished helplessly without mercy.

According to reports, virtually all appeals, prostrations, pleadings for her to change gear fell on deaf ears.  Alhaja Hannatu Fika was said to have become so hardened and authoritative, her signature ushered in “millions” to those believed to be her cronies and proxies.  Even, Civil Servants with multiple years of hanging applications never received attention from her.

Incredibly, the woman that the Federal Government relied on to deliver on their mandate of providing Housing for poor Civil Servants was the same that proved a wedge in between; and while her reign lasted, she junketed abroad recklessly hardly spending any two weeks in Nigeria!

Any mention of her name within credible circles in the Civil Service would instantly elicit opprobrium, because her records was better forgotten; at a time the lingo became:  “Oh that woman who will never pay you”!

However, as in every other thing in life, time has proved her to be a mere mortal; and as eternity beckons, it is doubtful if she will ever reflect openly on her disastrous adventure at the Federal Staff Loans Board. But secretly her conscience would tell her that she could have done better.