Change Your Cabinet Now, Buhari Told.


President Muhammadu Buhari has been told to change his failing cabinet-now. Making the call, Secretary-General of the Committee for Good Governance (CGG) Alhaji Ibrahim Ahmed wonders why the famous President Buhari, once regarded as a strict disciplinarian has suddenly demurred and recoiled into an unknown shell allowing unfit ministers, heads of department to have a field day ruining his precious name.

“This is getting scary and dirty”, noted Alhaji Ibrahim. “This style of not addressing Nigerians frequently, not visiting trouble spots is really a new dimension” Alhaji Ibrahim further observed. “He is our president for God’s sake and he shouldn’t do that”, he remarked. This posture is giving room for wild speculations and allowing some heads of department to have a field day in office. “The surprise is that the appetite to change weak heads of the department has suddenly gone; people are screaming for change, but it is as though he is not there”, disclosed a puzzled Alhaji Ibrahim.

“We voted for change, for progress and prosperity” he continued, but now we are seeing someone who seems to have abandoned the interest of Nigerians for something else.” A rejig of his cabinet would have injected new blood, new ideas and restore hope for Nigerians”, he stated. Since the second coming of the Nigerian President, no one knows what’s been happening.

There seems to be a tendency of aloofness with two prominent spokesmen-Garba Shehu and Lai Muhammed doing most of the explanation for the emptiness facing the nation. “Well this attitude may be due to coronavirus pandemic; but should we really be making excuses?” asked Alhaji Ibrahim who himself is a retired civil servant. “The interest of the country should come first before anyone else”, he added. The way it is now, Nigerians through the National Assembly should wake up to their responsibilities.

“The idea of the whole nation looking on to Mr. President especially during network news has to stop”, he stated. If they cannot, they should enlist the support of the former leaders to find out and persuade the man to know what the problem is. “As the nation’s leader, we should take more than a cursory glance in his affairs”, he concluded. Now the nation is almost bankrupt and struggling with a second recession.