Calls for Scrapping Of Senate Increases


At least two Rights Group have joined the growing ranks of people calling for the scrapping of the Senate.  The latest are the Renaissance Professionals of Nigeria and the Mobilization for Transparency in Governance. 

Rising from their plenary held at different times in Enugu and Lagos, the Rights Group stated emphatically that the Senate should be scrapped.  The Groups demand is based on the growing corruption and racketeering on employment currently making air waves.  “How can people elected to protect, empower their constituencies be involved in hoarding employment spaces”, charged one of the leaders. 

“That’s not fair; if we can’t trust the Senate anymore, they should be scrapped”, he stated!

News making the awareness of the recent shows that members of the hallowed chambers are more interested in their personal welfare the public.

The Senators from all available facts and statistics engaged in functions inimical to public good.  “We can’t trust them anymore.  You can’t collect 100 employment spaces from F.I.R.S for your protégés and still claim to represent the people”, lamented the leader. “Things have got to change”, he stressed.  “They must be held accountable”, he added