Buhari Told: Concession Your Roads, Lands


President Muhammad Buhari has been told to concession major roads to the private sector to manage; in the same vein he was told to concession Nigeria’s vast lands to families for farming.  Making the call was Barrister Abubakar Yesufu, Chairman League of Patriotic Lawyers and Coast to Coast Corporate Global Services Ltd.

Barrister Abubakar insisted that there was no point leaving out Nigeria’s large swathe of empty lands for years.  “Travelling from Kaduna to Abuja for example, you see hundreds of miles of empty lands”, he said.  This shouldn’t be so; give out these lands to families to farm.  Then compel them to pay 10% of their proceeds, they will be glad”, noted the Chairman, Coast to Coast services; he disclosed that under this arrangement, the government will become rich, the families equally, and the lands utilized.

In the same vein, the barrister observed that in Malaysia, families control major roads; they maintain them and pay dues to government.  Under this arrangement, the country has witnessed rapid growth!

He wondered why Nigeria’s leaders lack these simple ideas.  “This is the way forward”, barrister Abubakar again enthused.  “It is obvious government alone cannot handle this”, he added.