Between Big Joe and “Dirty Trump”: Who Wins the White House?


By mid-day of November 7, 2020, this question will have been answered—that is assuming everything go well with the American elections. Big Joe Biden representing the Democrats is locked in a mortal battle with the iconic “Dick-the Brown –Bully” Billionaire Donald Trump, the current president of the United States of America. The road to this election has been a turbulent one for Americans; this is understandable as Trump has virtually gone against everything the American tradition stands for; in ethics, office demeanor, pragmatism, the President has literally turned upside down the values Americans are known for and as such he has attracted so much opprobrium to himself. He is loathed by the media establishment, derided by school children and the Democrats even went to the extent of having him impeached. But none of these has deterred the president who see himself as the “real deal” for Americans. Trump has so far dismissed the tantrums thrown at him including the one calling him a liar openly and a cheat! While the judiciary see him as an aberration, the military class has maintained a sturdy silence. Trump began his administration in doubtful manner with many believing that he is a stooge of the Russian president Vladimir Putin.  Against vehement denials, Trump was put to test with the Mueller probe which lasted almost 18 months; though he escaped direct indictment, a good number of his lieutenants were not so lucky: they were implicated. In due course Nancy Pelosi was to take up the gauntlet and succeeded in having him impeached on another r charge—the attempt to influence a foreign country against his own; this, he also narrowly escaped. Exasperated, worn-out Americans –particularly democrats took to another dimension—spurning various theories against his person. Trump was blasted as a white supremacists although his main supporters believe Trump is being vilified by the gays, haters of orderly marriage, etc. They say Trump has come to stabilize the marriage institution and as such should be supported. A particular theory refer to Trump as the savior of Christians worldwide and that his defeat would mean the signal for Christians to be persecuted especially in Africa. This has not been disputed to date but for now fingers remain crossed as to the possible outcome of the elections scheduled to hold on Tuesday, November 3, 2020. Despite all these permutations however, Joe Biden as seen from the public prism, lacks the same charismatic aura Donald Trump has; he looks quiet and hesitant sometimes, and that’s  not too good for American foreign policy where Iran has proved too stubborn. Americans need a strong president who is bold, charismatic and sincere. It remains to be seen whether Big Joe can fit into those shoes. For now, the election of Tuesday, November 3 is strictly between the Americans and Donald Trump—not Big Joe Biden as is currently being peddled.