Apc Faces Dilemna over Pastor Osaze Iyamu Campaign


Having been endorsed by the NEC meeting of the APC, the coast is clear for Pastor Osaze Ize Iyamu to confront Obaseki at the September 2020 governorship polls. Unlike before, it is now incumbency factor versus possible Federal might. But there is a character problem. The candidacy of the Benin based Political Pastor is already embroiled in confusion.

His linen has been severely stained by no less a person than his new found godfather comrade Adams Oshiomole. Now to have such a candidate recycled by the same godfather may just be too bitter a pill to swallow.  Added to that is the fact that the Benis are in mortal combat to smash the ugly spirit of godfatherism they now regard as deadly poison. For that reason, a resurgence of the Kwara Oto’-ge’   fame appears to sweep the environment with demonstrations everywhere.

Then again Iyamu’s betrayal of the PDP cause by ditching the party just for personal motive is not taken kindly; they regard that act as much treacherous as unreliable. They are also fearful of falling into the hands of another proponent of stomach infrastructure fame and wouldn’t want to be taken for a ride again.   Above all, with a 700 million court case hanging on his neck, the road is predictably just too rough—except the Nigerian factor comes to play!

That again might be mission impossible-not in this environment where the 18 local government are unanimous in their decision to stand by the incumbent governor. Nevertheless Governor Godwin Obaseki himself has shown considerable trust to the people and is unwavering in his performance track. They now see him as a man of integrity, dignity and exemplary character. Herein lies the dilemma of the serial cross carpeter that people deride that he probably forgot something at the Osadebey house!