Anger Swells over Demonstrations against Ambode


The demonstrations by a rebellious group of people in front of the Lagos State House of the Assembly has not gone down well with a section of youths in Lagos metropolis. The youths led by one Charles Adonijah voiced their opinion this afternoon when they gathered in front of the Rhythm FM in Yaba, Lagos, chanting “enough is enough”, “Ambode must be left alone”!

When cornered, the leader of the youths, Mr. Charles Adonijah castigated the leaders of the All Progressive Congress Party (APC) for standing by and watching as if Ambode did not serve all their interest. ”Ambode was not governor to himself; he was governor to everyone; they supported him; why are they feigning ignorance about his current ordeal?’ they queried.

Mr. Charles disclosed that they know what is happening to Ambode now are orchestrated by a single individual and whatever happens everyone must be accountable. He said” the Northerners try to protect their own; but we, the Yoruba’s go ahead to expose our own adding what has Ambode done to be so vilified?” Continuing, Mr. Charles disclosed that  people like Bala Muhammad was regarded as a non-performer, but today, he is governor of Bauchi State; how much more our own Ambode that delivered the Oshodi Bus Terminal, the Multi-Faceted International Airport link way—ten lane traffic for that matter, not to mention the light up Lagos project that everyone is enjoying today.

“Those people who demonstrated today at the Lagos State House of Assembly must hold their heads in shame; they are a disgrace to the Yoruba race and must be held accountable”, Mr. Charles stated. “The era of taking money from people and destroying innocent Yoruba leaders is gone; we must guard against it and curse those behind it”, he concludes.

His deputy Prince Ebri Ukagu chided the All Progressive Congress Party (APC Lagos Chapter for keeping mum when they see the apparent injustice meted out to Ambode. Prince Ukagu said tomorrow shall vindicate Ambode when the next generations of Nigerians would see and utilize the rejuvenated Oshodi axis. “Ambode is our hero, and he will remain so”, he stressed.