America: What next after Trump’s Impeachment, end of Tyranny?


If Nancy Pelosi’s threat is to be taken seriously, by noon of 13th January, President Donald Trump would be a goner—less than six days to his final days in power. Nancy Pelosi has left no one in doubt about her ferocious attitude towards Trump and has seized every opportunity to checkmate his every move. Were it not for America’s strong Institutions, it is unlikely that Trump– knowing how audacious he is—would have at least handed Pelosi a lesson in street combat. For Trump, there is no decorum or tactics too crude to employ in going after a perceived enemy.

They have called him all sorts of names—a racist, Hitler come to life; a nationalist or white supremacist; whether this is true or not, Trump does exhibit symptoms of someone unreliable—and greedy. Outsiders following his escapades are said to be miffed that there still remains an American with those traits. His supporters who raided Capitol Hill fared no better; that’s a warning that something ominous is boiling in America; there seems to be so much tension and hatred on the streets.

No doubt, these are unusual times for the people of “God’s own country!” The invasion of the Capitol Hill appears to be the tipping point—and the red line for Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the Democrats filled House of Representatives who is now calling for a second impeachment; This alone, if previous experience is anything to go by, is enough to enrage Donald Trump the more and like is feared, send America into a bigger conflict. Be this as it may, it is the view of the Newspaperman crew that although Trump has proved himself to be unstable and violent, it is not for the Democrats to go for a second impeachment; this is sheer radicalism—nothing else. When a man is trapped and you try to deliver the death blow, he fights back—with anything he can lay his hands on.

That’s how it works.  If the truth is told, the Democrats share in the blame for what America is today. Americans have been wracked by drug abuse, serious misconduct edging them towards near insanity. Black lives matter is a product of intolerance emanating from different nationalism blowing through the land. Many of the chilling gun massacres witnessed and police brutality are evidence of suppressed rage, worsened by Trump whose incredible comportment cannot be excused much less the damage it is causing  American prestige.

This is notwithstanding the Covid-19 fever spreading like wildfire through the land consuming Americans—more than ever experienced, even in war times.  Now, other world powers are disappointed seeing America descend to near-anarchy. In reality, Democrats are largely to blame for the chaotic behaviour Trump, who is a Republican, has shown. The causal effect of pursuing him with the Russian and Ukraine investigations, invariably affected his concentration, though those who have read his biography disputed this. They contend that Trump has been so from the beginning. But to go as far as to call him “idiot” is another outlet for Trump to go wild.

Therefore, the raid by his irate supporters to seize the Capitol Hill may be a spillover from the frustration of losing power so soon.  America may just be reaping what they sowed in the past. Donald Trump did not just wake up to be to the president of America; he was elected because Americans are used to exhibiting their freedom in whatever way they like which has resulted to the emergence of Trump. Remember their craze for same-sex marriage, worship of anything including the bizarre.  Experts believe that the consequence of America breaking down into inter-party lines—the democrats doing everything possible to undo the Republican government at the helm might actually be the cause of Trump slide into disorder.

Now they are planning for a second impeachment which is capable of unleashing more terror on the democrat’s lawmakers.  For the sake of peace, Nancy Pelosi who is presumably approaching the 80 years mark—an octogenarian– should look for other ways to preserve America for the remaining days of Trump who himself is a Septuagenarian. Impeachment is not the solution. But if they like they should go ahead; Iran waits in the wings; so also, are the Islamists states. Will his impeachment be the end of tyranny in America where blacks are safe?