Ambode: Rights Group Threaten To Sue Daily Independent for Libel


Angered by the sensational headlines “Why Lagos Assembly, APC Want Ambode Jailed “which appeared last Sunday in the Daily Independent newspapers, leaders of the Rights Group, Disciples for Good Democracy (DFGD) has threatened to drag the Daily Independent newspapers to court for sedition and Libel.

The group issued a statement in Abuja denouncing what they term as “threat to Ambode’s life” vowing to challenge the matter in court. The group regretted the crude journalism and the desperate attempt by the newspaper to destroy the well-earned reputation of Mr. Ambode. “This is not the APC neither the Lagos Assembly affair; the desperation behind this “Ambode must be rubbished” campaign is making it look like a personal affair”, the statement reads.  “This is no longer politics; it is now an open warfare and soon if there is no external intervention, only God knows what will happen”, the statement reads further.

The group wondered how a newspaper would agree to publish such sensational item without watering the intended content. “This is not the best way to sell a newspaper, we have said it time and again that Nigerians need to be well informed and educated; we still have good leaders in this country who should intervene in this matter”, the statement added.

However, according to reliable sources, since the commissioning of the magnificent projects on the twilight of the Ambode Administration, desperate attempts have been made to rubbish the achievements. Ambode has been called all sorts off names showing clear vendetta. But this is democracy and all hands should be on deck to protect it.

The statement called on other newspapers to avoid sensationalism and grow beyond Ambode matter. The statement believes that there is more to gain protecting Ambode and our hard earned democracy than resorting to mudslinging.”Ambode is a bonafide member of the APC and also a worthy Nigerian; we will not tolerate any further threat to his life because that’s where the fingers are pointing; we will not allow that”, explains the statement.