Ahead 2023: Tinubu Urged To Mend Fences and Unite His Camp


The National Leader of the All Progressive Congress party, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu has been called upon to mend fences with some of his estranged political sons and daughters in order to heal old wounds and forge ahead. This was some of the highlights from barrister Abubakar Yesufu’s interview, broadcast on Silver bird Television personality programme on Independence day and monitored by the newspaperman reporters. A powerful constitutional lawyer with the grassroots appeal, barrister Abubakar was very specific during the 30 minutes interview, urging the national leader to make haste and unite his camp. He described the national leader as a man of immense means who has made so many people and built bridges across the nation. “If it is true that he is aspiring to take a shot at the next presidential ballot, the place to start from is his camp”, he began. “How does he want to succeed with some members of his camp still reeling from perceived injustice and betrayal?” he asked. “The national leader is a father figure and when there is quarrel in a family, the father is supposed to call his sons together and make peace”, he stated. “This is a family affair and there is nothing wrong with it; in the Yoruba culture, it is anathema for a father to prolong his quarrel with his children”, he added. The constitutional lawyer observed that with all the great personalities in the Asiwaju camp, it is wrong to pretend that nothing is amiss. “We want to see Babatunde Fashola, Akinwunmi Ambode and all the great sons and daughters in the Asiwaju family sit on the same table and eat”, he declared. “Both of them are celebrated and credible people; they have excelled in their various assignment and worked assiduously to establish the popularity of the national leader”, he explained adding that it makes genuine sense to reconcile whatever difference they have. According to him, when it comes to the national and general interest, nothing can be further from the truth in cementing the gap in their relationship. “It is all for the common good of Lagosians; Ambode, for instance, worked as Accountant-General for many years, attended FAAC meetings in Abuja, kept the State accounts in good shape before being popularly elected as governor; “such a man cannot be sidelined in whatever way you look at it; he devoted most part of his youthful life to the service of Lagos State and was not only loyal, he was admirably committed”, he noted. “You can truly be a national leader when no crack exists in your camp”, he said. Barrister Abubakar pointed out that every human being has his value; he explained that Jesus Christ did emphasize that a single sheep lost out of a pack should be searched and brought back; “if that is so with animals how much more we humans”, he stated. Though not generally admitted, it is a known fact that Lagos State-the Asiwaju’s domain –is being used as a reference point today because of what transpired there in 2018. “If they are saying Edo no be Lagos today what will they say tomorrow in other States?” he questioned. Since no man is an island, Barrister Abubakar enjoined Asiwaju Tinubu to initiate the peace process and put the past behind. “That’s the quickest way to heal the wounds of the past and move forward without prejudice”, he said stressing that the National leader should ignore the advice of the hawks around him as only him is seen carrying the can. Barrister Abubakar who is also the Chairman League of Patriotic Lawyers then advised the Yoruba’s to always unite and fight a common cause. “They should speak with one voice and support each other; that’s what obtains in other parts of the country”, he concludes. It would be recalled that the just concluded Edo State governorship elections were largely won partly as a result of the masses resolute decision to stand against a repeat of the injustice meted to the former  Lagos State governor. That brazen act was directly responsible for the huge consciousness and resistance against godfathers.