Ahead 2023 Presidential Battle: Why Jonathan? Why Not Ogbonnaya Onu?


These are not strange developments in Nigeria; it is typical of our unruffled elites to brush aside mounting problems besieging the nation and talk about mundane issues. And so it is not surprising that at a time there is massive discontent against police brutality through the hashtag of “end sars” demonstrations some hideous elements probably basking under the euphoria of infantile exuberance have begun to sell the idea of another Dr Good Luck Jonathan presidency. “This is exactly the reason why some people think that the Nigerian project is but a mere dream”, says Chief Kenneth Okoh a veteran activist based in Abuja. When he first read the story, he thought it was a joke; but once it emerged again, he knew that some people were up to their normal game. “They can’t be serious flying the name of the former president”, Chief Okoh restated, arguing that although he did remarkably well-conceding defeat at the time it matters most, he had himself to blame. For the first time in the history of Nigeria, an incumbent president with all the awesome powers was defeated in an election widely adjudged to be a backlash for the widespread corruption and insecurity that engulfed the nation in that period. Most notorious was the handing over of Nigeria’s oil wealth to a select few to plunder and the destructive tendencies of the former president’s own wife who many believed were the architect of her husband’s downfall! For those with short memories, that same period which threw up President Buhari was characterized by treasury looting to the extent that huge sums of money meant for arms purchase were embezzled. The only option then was to vote in a man with a military background to arrest the situation. Jonathan was generally regarded as too weak and unable to control the military. And now, it is only six years since that disastrous adventure and it seems that era was a mere dream to some people. Hundreds of Nigerians lost their lives through insurgency that ought to have been nipped in the bud and this is not to mention the unfortunate kidnap of the Chibok girls most of whom have not been accounted for to this day! “It is, therefore, a disservice for anyone to mention Jonathan’s name so soon as if he is the only one in Nigeria”, insists Chief Okoh adding that there is nothing he is coming to do other than to serve the interest of the same few and selfish elites. If the Nigerian project is to be taken seriously, and the issue of power rotation would play a key role, the ideal man to look at and focus on is Chief Ogbonnaya Onu who is presently serving as Minister of Science and Technology. “We are talking of a very serious issue here; Nigeria is in dire straits; in fact in a quagmire; six years after Jonathan’s presidency has produced a situation of monumental logjam such that we should just forget about politics and concentrate on the right thing”, stated Chief Olorogun Oghenekevbe a businessman from the Niger Delta. “This is not the time to play politics; this is the time think about how to revive our nation, heal dirty wounds, bridge the gap between the rich and the widening poor; this is the time to check rapid unemployment and build infrastructures”, Olorogun explained. “Chief Ogbonnaya Onu fits the bill of someone who can do the job and reduce the tension in the land; he has shown remarkable leadership trait, he is quiet and calculated; he is cool and reasonable”, Chief Olorogun added. “I have not related with him, but he has been consistent and it is highly possible he would be a better candidate than the former president who is adjudged too weak”, he concluded. So who is this Chief Ogbonnaya Onu? The newspaperman tried to dig some facts about him. From a distance, his profile seems intimidating. For starters, he is an author, engineer and an accomplished politician; he was the first civilian governor of Abia State, National Chairman of the All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP) that later merged with Congress for Progressive Change(CPC), Action Congress Of Nigeria(CAN, DPP and APGA. He was first appointed honourable Minister in November 2015 and again on August 19, 2019. Chief Ogbonnaya Onu who is well educated and expert in human psychology; he is blessed with excellent human relations and remarkably prudent in all abilities. “He is unruffled and always in control of himself and not given to external vices which makes him practically suitable for the job of the president of any nation. “At this time, what Nigeria needs is someone like him who can withstand pressures; someone who can resist shenanigans and repair our damaged national physique”, declared Alhaji Sadiq Abubakar. “With a man like Ogbonnaya Onu, Nigeria can be great again”, he added.