Ahead 2023: Crisis Brews in APC as Intra Party Crisis Worsens


By Andrew Ebaleme, reporting from Benin.

It is confirmed!

Although the picture painted by the APC hierarchy is akin to that of a solid rock, it may come as a huge surprise to political watchers to learn that the party is indeed struggling for life. At stake is the overbearing attitude, the party flagbearer, Alhaji Bola Ahmed Tinubu wields over party affairs—and this doesn’t seem to augur well with the principal officers. Now, the radicals amongst them are threatening fire. The result is the crisis generated which is now rocking the boat. Prominent amongst those who have tactically distanced themselves from main campaign activities are Rotimi Amaechi, Ogbonnaya Onu, Yemi Osinbajo, Kayode Fayemi, Niyi Adebayo, almost all the Southwest governors with the exception of Babajide Sanwo-Olu, for obvious reasons. “They should be together as one family”, said one Titus Ogbolu, a political activists based in Ibadan.

But, according to him, they have kept their distance because the flagbearer believes he is all knowing—acting with so much impunity wherever he goes. And his army of supporters have not helped matters hauling abuse at anyone who is who and not in their camp. So far, the campaigns appears to have derailed shifting away from critical affairs  to physical insults. “That’s not what the people want to hear; but you know these politicians; they carry on as if they are above the law”, said Ogbolu, raising concerns that 2023 may Afterall be hijacked by criminal elements and thugs as against the wish of Nigerians. Since the goal of the APC presidential candidate, is the coveted presidential crown—whether by hook or crooked means—he has stifled all known opposition.

However, it remains to be seen how far his ambition would go if heavyweights mentioned above line up  against him. His failure to appear in crucial public debates to explain his plans for the nation is also drawing the ire key stakeholders—sending the wrong signals. Now, the feeling in the air is troubling but typical of some die in the wool supporters they pretend not to know; they even challenged  God to “fight” for himself recently when the subject of Tinubu’s reputation came up; that’s the extent some of them would go to fight for their principal. It doesn’t matter the state of rot in the country, the existing poverty, dearth of schools, water, light and infrastructure!

The surprising defense of the same Muslim Muslim ticket, is another blow–a low point. “Some people especially the elites do not want us to prosper in this country”, disclosed one Alfred Afegbua, a public affairs analyst also based in Ibadan. He gave a thumbs down for the elites who feel they must own everything. “They believe they are above board and cannot be held accountable for anything”, said a visibly angry Alfred. He may be true, because in the Buhari 7 years plus, as president, no one have been conclusively held accountable for any offence.  “We should have conscience; we should have principles; we just hear of suspects being charged and after that, silence”, Afegbua charged.

Political cases in Nigeria sometimes go for decades with often no tangible results. Now, it seems everyone has gone to sleep hoping on God to do the job of arresting the situation. “Why not? When the current leadership has failed badly, what do you expect?” added a visibly angry Afegbua. Nevertheless, the prayers on the lips of most people is that Nigeria should know peace –and prosper again. The intra-party crisis within the ranks of the APC and the PDP are considered unnecessary –a needless distraction for the country.