With Obaseki/Shaibu seemingly out of the way in APC matters, the road is now clear for the emergence of new power blocks in the mould of the making of Oshiomole. Pastor Ize Iyamu is certain to clinch the ticket and go on to win the general elections. You may dispute this, but that is the way of our country. Only the unwise will contest this.

Obviously, knowing the way Oshiomole’s mind works, the road is now clear for the emergence of either of the trio: Gani Audu, Johnson Ughuma or Abass Braimah to become the next deputy governor of Edo State. So all roads will soon be leading to their homes for the normal lobbying and pledge of loyalty.

Here, in this our clime, we care more for our flesh than provision of general amenities; that is why it is easy for godfathers to ride rough shod over and above others; that is why it is easy for the benin-Auchi road to remain in perpetual state of disrepair; that’s is why the Iruekpen-Ekpoma road has remained what it is: a torn in the flesh of motorists.

I do not doubt the powers of these godfathers; I only have nostalgia reminiscent of the days of my father’s when leadership were accountable. I remembered my father bought a Peugeot 504 GL and hid it, using it only sparingly. When I asked why, he said it was to avoid suspicion and subsequent petitioning as to where he got the money to buy the car unlike today when you could own private jets and nobody bats an eyelid.

That’s how far we have degenerated. Little did I know that those were the very best days we were witnessing–no kidnappers, bandits, herdsmen, terrorists, etc. I can’t really understand it; it is so difficult to see that men of my own generation are the very harbingers of misfortune in current times. So sad.